Sunday, May 20, 2012

Solar Eclipse

The sky was quickly changing tonight. I had forgotten that it was the night of the Solar Eclipse, until I took this picture and saw that the sun was partially cast out.

Clouds continued to play with the light and pictures were painted right before my eyes, here's a few for you to enjoy too.

These shots were taken within an hour of one another, in the order that they are displayed.

The light began to fade, into beautiful shades of blue. It was wonderful to watch.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Walk In the Yard~

Spring brings with it some of my favorite dashes of colour...

This is one of our peony tulips, I love the full bodied blooms that they share with the yard.

This is a development that has transpired over the years. We planted red tulips, and yellow tulips, now we also have these beauties.

... a little closer :-)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cat and Bird

When I got home yesterday, there were some visitors in the yard...

This cat belongs to a neighbor, and is a good hunter, as I have witnessed by the clusters of feathers he occasionally lays at the doorstep of my garden shed.

But what I saw was not the "Mighty Hunter" tossing feathers in the air...

It was this spunky little bird that was playing cat and mouse bird with the Mighty Hunter. He would stay close enough to keep the cats attention, and then when the cat got into pounce mode, this little Jay would hop a little closer.

I had a right mind to warn the poor little bird, but instead I went inside to get my camera. When I came back out Mighty Hunter was in stalk mode again.

He seemed to be pretty comfortable in between the grass and the sidewalk, while the little Jay picked up a friend.

Now they were both rushing up to the low laying hunter, and then hopping off again. I was afraid for the cat!

Eventually the cat tired of the chase, and sauntered off to his home again. The little birds followed him for awhile, and then took to the trees.