Sunday, April 22, 2012

Humming Birds

They are one of my favorite winged creatures... the humming bird.

While the Bella Donna plant can be toxic for humans, it appears that these little guys like the nectar within.

The wings of a hummingbird can flutter at amazing speeds. Sometimes all you can see are the traces of their wings in the blink of the shutter.

Every once in awhile I get lucky, and catch one slurping up an insect I cannot even see, or just at the tail end of that meal with their beaks barely parted.

Often I catch them resting. People tell me they never see them sitting still, but if you watch closely, and become a part of their world, you will see them resting often in between their feeding.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Patience on Macro

I am combining two of the Blogging for Fun (BFF) prompts from this week:

BFF-181 "No Particular Place to Go"

BFF-182 "Patience"

Sundays bring with them a wonderful complacency that allows me to cruise at a nice slow speed and enjoy the day. Even if I have no particular place to go, I will often climb in the car with my camera and see what the world has to offer me. Before the first picture presents itself I feel rejuvenated.

It's easy to get lost in the chaos that time management determines during the work week; to lose sight of the details that get shuffled under a pile, or pushed aside because of deadlines. I look forward to exercising the patience required to sneak up on a bumble bee, or drink in a slow moving butterfly. Nature on macro has a tendency to ask me to slow down.

I enjoy quiet Sundays. Just me, my camera, and nature showing off.